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Professional Drone Training Academy

M3 Drone Training Zone is an industry leader in online and in-person, multifaceted training in the United States and Canada.

M3 provides comprehensive UAS training to drone novices and advanced users alike.


New Pilot Training

Your journey to become a drone pilot begins with “Ground School” and M3 has a wide offering of online courses to get you started or to take your knowledge and abilities to the next level.

We can provide you with the training needed to prepare you for the FAA Part 107 Certification, or Transport Canada’s Basic and Advanced Operations Licence and Flight Review.


Industry & Custom Use Training

M3 is continuously developing and customizing new programs focused upon the unique applications of our clients.

We provide hands-on training and courses and webinars intended to provide technical knowledge and familiarize our audience with the practical application of their drone in industry-specific environments including Agriculture, Infrastructure Inspections, and First Responders and Public Safety.


Flight Training (Platform specific)

Instructors and pilots at M3 Drone Training Zone are experts in the use and operation of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAV, platforms.

With our “hands-on” orientation and training courses, intended to familiarize our audience to the practical application of your drone, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to operate your system skillfully, utilizing the many additional functions that you may not have known exist.


Drones in the Classroom

Discover how to bring drones to your classroom with a “Teacher's Guide to Using Drones in the Classroom”. Teachers wishing to use drones in the classroom now have a place to receive quality training, specifically designed by education professionals, for education professionals.

Designed for educators wishing to introduce Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and STEM fields to their students, at all stages of education.

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