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Drones in the Classroom

Discover how to bring drones to your classroom

The Teacher's Guide to Using Drones in the Classroom

Teachers wishing to use drones in the classroom now have a place to receive quality training, specifically designed by education professionals, for education professionals.

Part 1 - Ground School

This is our standard Advanced RPAS Ground School program, which has been taught to over 800 RPAS pilots across Canada, with some tweaks to make it even more valuable for educators.

This course will prepare individuals for the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Pilot Certification Exam.

The course consists of two full days (16 hours) of in-class, instructor-led training, in addition to approximately 25 hours of online self-study through our Learning Management Platform.

Ground School Course Outline

Drones for Teachers
Flight Training

Part 2 - Flight Training

Following Ground School, a hands-on practical Flight Training portion of the program will dive deep into operations planning, and an exploration of manual and autonomous flight skills.

This course will prepare individuals to coordinate effectively with NAV CANADA and plan safe and effective outdoor RPAS operations.

This portion of the training will take one half-day, and is combined with Educator RPAS Training.

Flight Training Course Outline

Part 3 - Educator Training

Advanced Educator RPAS Operations (AERO) introduces enhanced classroom management, safety, tools, software, and a multitude of applications for using RPAS in schools and classrooms.

This course will prepare educators to integrate strategies for early, middle, and senior years multidisciplinary programs.

This component of the course consists of one half-day of training, and is combined with the Flight Training course.

Educator Training Course Outline

Educator Training

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